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New Doctor Who Doors

Hi clever magical staff people! I have a suggestion that you should create a type of door that can't be opened by sonics. For a crafting recipe  maybe the same as iron doors but replace one of the pieces of iron with a piece of wood (so the sonic can't open it as I'm sure you know sonics don't work on wood). It means that you can make a more secure base! To open it maybe use a key (possibly your tardis key?) or you could add psychic paper to open it? I don't know a good crafting recipe for that. I've often struggled with making a secure base because of sonics so I think this would be really good to add! Anyways if you think its a good idea please add it! 



It's probably a good idea if you put it in HireSWD, but... here is... fine, i guess.. XD also, great idea!

First of all, staff aren't in charge with making or adding stuff to the mod

it's a ver common misconception but just know that the staff can't add X or Y to the mod. Mod suggestions can be directed to 1WTC, SubPai or any other developer for the mod, not the staff team

as for the suggestion itself I think it would be great to have something sonics can't open to provide more safety and I support this idea

Thanks for the support of my idea! I do know that staff cant change the mod, I just like calling staff magical people! Just so I know where should I suggest this idea to if this is the wrong place! Thanks for the help and support.



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