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TheGingerDoctor's Skins!

Hi! i make some... really bad... but.. kinda good skins. Here's some I've made:

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If you want one made for yourself, please post your idea on this thread! It will appear here:

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Please, can i have a third outfit of yours just with my hands and head just copy the head and skin tone on my profile picture


I've made a design for a SWD Olympics skin.

To get one, please use the format here:

Skin: [Insert the skin you are using here]

Colour: [This is the colour you want me to use for the details of the outfit]

Number: [This is what number you want on the back of the outfit]


Colour: A blue or dark green, whichever looks better

Number: 2056 or 26

may just need to clarify: the number has to be one or two digits long

 can i have the number 34 and my outfit a light blue colour plz



Colour: Preferably turquoise

Number: 31 (or 831 if possible)

So r u in charge of the skin thing or can we still make our own? ?

1) I will work on your skins tonight DalekDude and Bluebox21

2) These are Unofficial, therefore you can make your own, Delfox10


Colour: Darkish Blue or Red

Number: 21

Hey GD can i have the body of your 3rd one and the head of my latest skin (not my profile pic one)

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