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[Suggestion] Doctor Costumes?

So... I thought of an idea... basically, as an added feature, hatstands (or maybe a separate button like skin packs) could allow you to have one of the doctor's costumes! it would basically add a possibly multi-layered costume to the players skin! It could also be added into a clothing item instead, though.... basically, I wanted to post this idea.. if there's any ideas you want to add to it, be my guest!

Both are already a thing. Try pressing ‘P’ in game or going into creative.

I referenced the skinpacks... I was saying that there could be one where it adds the costume into your skin


I'm a bit confused. Do you mean actually changing your skin?

I think he means changing the body of the player's skin, but leaving the head the same, making it look like "you" are wearing the Doctor's cloths.

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