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[Update 47] Important changes to mod

With the release of Update 47 being in the near future, I thought I would go over some important changes that may affect map-makers and resource pack creators and anyone that hosts a server out there. This in no way contains what the new features are or what they involve, this thread merely goes over resourcepack or map breaking changes.




For Update 47, we have re-written the sounds.json to have subtitles and to add new sounds, although this is not the important change, the important change is that all the sound files have been moved from

thedalekmod/assets/sounds/dalek to thedalekmod/assets/sounds


The new sounds.json:


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In game:


IDs of mobs have been changed from: thedalekmod.DMMobName to thedalekmod:Mobname


A lot of mob names have also changed in themselves, there can be seen below in this spoiler:


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entity.PulseWaveentity.name=Pulse Laser





entity.ClockworkDroid.name=Clockwork Droid

entity.GaskmaskZombie.name=Gasmask Zombie







entity.icewarrior.name=Ice Warror


entity.DavrosChair.name=Davros Chair


entity.WeepingAngel.name=Weeping Angel

entity.StoryMode.name=Don't ask



entity.K9Regen.name=Aussie K9



entity.BlockJohn.name=Nose Man




entity.ClassicPlayer.name=Classic Player


entity.WhisperMan.name=Whisper Man




Creative tabs:

Creative tabs names can now be translated into other languages correctly, to see what these look like in the lang file, please see below:


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itemGroup.DM_Fezzes=DM: Custom Fezzes

itemGroup.DM_clothes=DM: Clothes

itemGroup.DM_TARDIS=DM: Tardises

itemGroup.DM_Gadgets=DM: Gadgets

itemGroup.DM_Christmas_2016=DM: Christmas 2016

itemGroup.DM_Dimensional_Blocks=DM: Dimensional Blocks

itemGroup.DM_Food=DM: Food

itemGroup.DM_TARDIS_Blocks=DM: Tardis Blocks

itemGroup.DM_Mobs=DM: Mobs

itemGroup.DM_Decoration=DM: Decoration

itemGroup.DM_Survival_Items=DM: Collectable/Survival Items

itemGroup.DM_Survival_Blocks=DM: Collectable/Survival Blocks

itemGroup.DM_Images=DM: Image Loader





The current U46 config structure is being abandoned to use the inbuilt forge version, the physical files now looks like this (Roughly, this is going to be subject to change)


Config (thedalekmod.cfg):


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Images of the ingame menu can be seen here:


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This thread will be updated proceduraly as more IDs are tested over time such as biomes, blocks and items.

 If you have questions on this topic, please feel free to ask in the reply to this thread or join the discord: http://discord.me/swd

 Looks good. I cant wait for the update!

 Looks good. I cant wait for the update!

 Just for future reference; there's no need to quote a whole message or thread, only a quote a certain part if you are replying to said certain part.

So I hear the worlds will be reset, and in order to remember this good old world, I would like to request a download for the Beta world map. I have bad memory issues, and I don't want to see those builds disappear. so if i could somehow get a copy of the Beta server map, I would be very pleased. But if there is no way to do that, then don't worry, my friend is sending me pictures of some of the builds. thank you for your time!

Beta is not being reset. Only Public.

There will probably never be a world download for either since they're both very very very huge files.

So they are transfering the private world map onto 1.12? What a releaf! Thanks for the good news!



Beta is not being reset. Only Public.

There will probably never be a world download for either since they're both very very very huge files.

 YAY I was super scared that beta was being reset i was devastated at the thought of needing to replace my tardis

i am very sorry. i didnt know that this was the wrong thread.

Hi there no mean to bother the staff but i have a question about the mob id's do you enter this code (the one you showed in the original thread)into the entity manipulators now instead of the normal thedalekmod.DMEntityName or do you enter this new form of entity names? Thx -Neb

I'm pretty sure you would enter the new mob id, which would be thedalekmod:Mobname.

However, I would await a reply from a staff member for official conformation.

hey they didnt say if they changed my tardis to the name i wanted it for update 47

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