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Dalek Mod Unofficial Resource Pack [Creations]

QUICK NOTE: This thread is for my resource packs for U47 (1.12.2) and higher. Packs for U46 (1.8) and lower are not going to be done intentionally.


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This pack started as me wanting to change some things in the mod to make them look better to me. Eventually, after the move to the SWD Forums (here), I released it. Over time, the first 3 versions of the pack were released here. With U46 and U47 rewriting parts of the assets majorly, overhauls were required for them. This is why this thread exists.

Main Pack:


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Coming after U47 PTB, give me a week or so to finish the pack.


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Coming Soon


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Coming Soon

Side packs: 

5th Anniversary TARDIS Remodel: 

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This pack remodels the Default TARDIS set (Default, A, B, C, Bad Wolf and Clara Tribute) to be more like new TARDISes in the mod. It also replaces the Clara Tribute with a Birthday Cake TARDIS, congratulating the Dalek Mod for 5 strong years.

Should be compatible with both 1.12 and 1.8. Only changes the models, as seen.

NOTE: The pack says that it may be incompatible with 1.12 on the resource packs screen, just press "yes", it should still work. It's complaining because the pack.mcmeta doesn't have a certain character. This will be fixed closer to the full release of Update 47, as I don't remember the value I need to add, and I'm lazy.


Images: (Note, holograms are there to indicate scale. The scale of them has not been touched.)


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Why did you make a new thread? I made a new thread because I felt like restarting the pack, and how I did the pack. I originally thought about doing it with U46, but decided against it. Since we're moving to a new version, I thought it would be a more logical time to do it.

Do you use all of the side packs you make? No. I make the side packs for things I mostly wouldn't want to see in the main pack, however some I do use (For example, the 5th Anniversary TARDIS Remodel.


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John/1WTC: Creator of the mod

EdusgprNetwork: MDL Tutorials

All previous texturers/modellers of the mod: Respective textures and models

You: Using my resource pack

Feel free to leave feedback below, along with questions. 

5th Anniversary TARDIS Remodel pack has been updated to work with 1.12, just download the file labelled "1.12".

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