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[Player Report] JackatronYT

Minecraft Username: BagelAngel

Username of player you are reporting: JackatronYT 

Why they deserve to be reported: As many of you know, Bagel's Corner Shop is a store in Darklyn. Due to the nature and location, players occasionally come in to buy/sell things. Frequently, when both I and Jack are online, he will be a general nuisance, killing me and many others. Furthermore, he has a waypoint saved the block above the counter, which he will use in order to disrupt business. When politely asking him to leave, he usually would not, instead waiting for an associate of the store to punch him (once, with no item) as motivation. He will then take his gun and shoot you. Whilst I do this occasionally, he does not. I have witnesses who will testify to this.

Witnesses: HexlabGaming, MaikyTV.

Evidence: From what they have told me, MaikyTV has Bandicam, and Hex can testify to the accusations. Thank you for your time.


To start with, the waypoint accusation is false. James and I facetime each other and we were face timing during this "issue" I would like to begin with saying, I only attacked to stop people attacking me. They hit me first. I would also like to state that James kills me multiple times as well in my shop and around the world generally. More than I kill him. I have a screenshot of him killing me as well. The only reason I kill people is if they attempt to kill me first. I understand that killing people is annoying but when people attack me then I also find that annoying as well. To be factual, we both find it annoying that people kill people and as long as I do not get randomly killed during my playtime, I will or become hostile. I'm my opinion, James has done wrong here and relies on his friends to file evidence that he should have shown. But the fact is, what evidence is there to be shown? My defending myself from being killed and my armour being broken? Thank you for reading and I personally believe I have done nothing sinful against the DMU community. I also have audio proof that Bagel was on discord with me. I also have screenshots of the time of the issue and when I was talking to him in relation to that time, thank you very much. 

Bagel should not rely on others to capture evidence. The fact that he has not taken screenshots is to hide the fact that he also killed me and being a nuisance. Thank for for understanding my opinion and I believe I have done nothing wrong. Also, the statement that I kill if punched with no item, is false. It usually works the other way, after punching Bagel to get his attention, he will immediately shoot you and attempt to kill you. As well as this, there was no abuse to be captured apart from one provoked kill and the rest is my self defence against Bagel himself and hex trying to kill me. Thank you for your time. No abuse was committed and no waypoints were set to purposefully anger the owner of Darklyn corner store. Just for a little notice, Bagel files a complaint for me killing when he puts people into lava for no apparent reason after they purchase from his shop. I personally would like that contraption to be removed and for him to not unnecessarily murder people who want to innocently purchase items from his shop. Finally, he also abuses by killing me in my shop. He once chased me and killed me every time I entered my shop which I found disgusting as he would report me for he exact same reason. I believe there is no issue with what I have done and that there is no proof to backup Bagels opinion. I can give you some proof of him killing me purposefully. I hope you can understand my opinion and sort this childish argument. Thanks again. Good day! ???? P.S I support the server hugely and would never in any way shape or form attempt to disrupt the actions online. Thanks again.

Aside from the fact that you have ONE screenshot of you killing me, in the chat/death logs, there are messages saying "BagelAngel was killed by JackatronYT Using..." a few times. I have not incinerated anyone for 5 weeks now, and I generally only do it if they do not pay. Hex was trying to do his job as security, when I said you were barred.  Yes, I was on Discord with you, but what should that have to do with this accusations?  Furthermore, if you do not have a waypoint to the counter, you must else spawn your TARDIS there, and in the staff only area, which you frequently infiltrate, and hold shift so I cannot remove you from the premises. Your shop is on the other side of Darklyn, and while I killed you once there, a few weeks ago, it is insurmountable to the amount of times you have killed me and patrons.

Wrong. I very very rarely infiltrate the shop with my Tardis. From what I recall, I have done it twice in the time the shop has been open. The death messages were all self defence from when I walk in the shop and just get attacked, when told to leave, I get chased down and attempted to be killed. I applaud your efforts, but personally you have done wrong being rude to customers and hiring security guard to kill me when I try to enter your shop. If I am barred, I request a sign on the shop strictly stating I am prohibited from entering. You have incinerated multiple people and frankly I find that disturbing. Furthermore, when I was a member of the shop, for no reason whatsoever, fired me from the store. I feel that I have said all I can and that this case should be rested. I applaud your efforts on reporting me, but this thread is very hypocritical. You have offended my rights on the server uncountable times and the few times I killed you were a fraction from what you have done to me online. From herein, I hope we can resolve this issue and for both of us to promise not to kill each other unless requires or have been allowed to. Hexlab stated that he has nothing to do with what you or Maiky do, and you recruit players to assist you when you have no further assistance to help you. From here on out, I will not kill you as long as I am not provoked into doing so. I rearlise you are annoyed at the fact I have killed you, but this is nothing compared to the tpkilling and warpkilling you have done to me. I am done with this killing issue and I hope you are too. Thanks again. 

Okay, I will no longer kill you as long as you do not kill me. I would like to formally drop any and all allegations against JackatronYT, and would like to thank him  for his time, as well as assisting me in reaching peace. This thread can be locked.

I also hereby drop all allegations against the user BagelAngel. Peace has been restored and this thread can also be locked. Thank you for your time as well James

Don't waste forum space over drama arguments again, keep it to PM.

Thread will be locked.

This thread has been locked.