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[Resolved] Server outage notice



Due to a power outage at our hosts company, the DMU servers will be down for a period of time. We are unsure for how long this will be but we doubt it will be for long, as they company know what they are doing and will probably have this sorted rather quickly. 


Any updates on the situation will be posted on this thread, please do not spam us for updates or that the server is down as we will just ignore it.

Everything about it WILL be said here. 

Well i guess it is great that i read this thread as i was about to log onto DMU public! but well i hope that the servers will go online soon!

We're still down at the moment. It appears things are slowly being fixed, so I am hoping we should be back online within the next 12 hours!

Good! Anyway are the servers now back online? I haven't been on in a while.

Good! Anyway are the servers now back online? I haven't been on in a while.

 As of 20 minutes ago when I checked myself, no.

Server's are now back online!

 Yes! I was afraid I was going to miss my Saturday TARDIS Time!

i'm not even gonna' ask

 From your post count, I'm assuming you're relatively new. Welcome to the forums.


A piece of advice: It's best to not make throwaway comments on threads. Especially when it's a resolved issue; otherwise, it just takes space and bumps up old threads unnecessarily on the main page over any recent threads (aka: necro posting).


Speaking of, I'll go ahead and lock this as it has already been resolved.

This thread has been locked.

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