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Coral and Neon Tardis's Updated with suggestions

I've updated my tardis console rooms with tumblr_cats suggestions what do you think?

First up: Neon Tardis/ 2013+ Tardis

Update Notes:

Changed to 2 ramps leading to the upper deck area

Updated upper roundels to be more accurate

added more book shelves, crafting tables and noteblocks to the upper deck to look messier, like 12s interior

Console Now has more switches and buttons

Some other minor stuff

Next The Coral Tardis:

Update Notes:

Console is now 2 circles high

Top Circle is slightly Smaller

Updated console with spruce and sandstone, aswell as more switches and buttons

Door Ramp is shorter













I like how you made the spinning things up top. I tried that design with trapdoors on the upper helf of the block, but it messed up the lower ones. John needs to add blocks that fit better, doesn't he?... But good job!!!

Neon Tardis = Matt Smith TARDIS 

the Time Rotor need to be BLUE

and with the CORAL , use that Black Bricks 
use the coral wiring , like how i used 

IGNORE EVERYTHING MORE !  ( I'm not trying to show you what I built, just trying to show you the right to use the WIRING CORAL , I do not want to brag ) 

Neon Tardis = Matt Smith TARDIS 

the Time Rotor need to be BLUE

 If i want to nitpick it's called "Toyota" not "Neon"....But anyways, there are 3 versions of this console room:

  1. Toyota mk1: The 11th Doctor's version, from 2013 to 2014, from series 7b to 8
  2. Toyota mk2: The12th Doctor's first version, with bookshelfs, chalkboards and other furniture. From 2014 to 2015, fom series 8 to 9
  3. Toyota mk3: The 12th Doctor's second version, the most notable design addition here was the return of the roundels, other than that, it's the same as the series 8 console room. From 2015 to ???, from series 9 to ???

Shane decided to make the second version of the console room, though i have to agree, the rotor is orange, not red, as seen here:

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