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Space Central plans for 1.12.2

Welcome Space Candidates!

Hello there! As you already know  I am xNebulastarx. I will be creating a series of cities on the different dimensions that are in DMU private server. The construction will begin right after the reset!

Would you like a new home?

Well this is the place to reserve your own home! The new series of cities will be mostly underground so the homes do not take up a large amount of space!

The format to reserve a pod is this:


Dimension: (Moon, Minecraftia, Varos, Trenzalore, Skaro, or all dimensions)

Would you like your Pod furnished?: (Y or N)

Would you like to be a director of a sector?: (If yes please state the sector and why you can be a good director)

Will these new cities be as disappointing as your last colony Moon Central?

No this will be a much better colony because I am a better builder this year and there will be much better utilities to use. The new features will be a fully redstone system, fully functioning toilets that go to sewers, a water system, and much more!

Will this new series of cities be just as disorganized as your last colony?

No now i know that my last colony was very bad so i am dividing my new cities into different sectors. 

Education sector, Utility sector, Living sector, Social sector, SWD Staff sector (Note this sector will not be built if no SWD staff join), Government sector, Sewage sector, Power sector, Inspection sector, Justice sector.

Well Neb the rules were very indirect at your last colony so what are the rules of your new series of cities?

Well, yea lets get to the new rules:

  1. Please follow all server rules
  2. DO NOT enter special areas (Will be revealed after reset)
  3. Please respect other players (Including Staff always)
  4. No entering others pods without the owner giving you permission
  5. No use of Sonic Blasters (you might break the redstone lighting and shut city power off!!!)
  6. Please refrain from using sonic screwdrivers (again you could cause damage!)
  7. More rules coming!

Neb I like your cities is there anything I can do to help out?

Well I mean that it is tough to do so really the only thing that may need help is that i need at least four staff to join my cities so that I can begin construction on the SWD staff sector!

So Neb who are the members of your cities maybe a friend of mine is part of your cities?

Well as of November 11th The current members of my cities are:

  1. xNebulastarx
  2. TheGingerDoctor
  3. Yblocks
  4. squid10201
  5. 15wvey
  6. mendicant2
  7. whovian15

So Neb who are the directors of your cities?

Education sector: TheGingerDoctor

Utility sector: Yblocks

Sewage sector: squid10201

Government sector: TBD

Power sector: TBD

Inspection sector: TBD

Justice sector: TBD(SWDTeam staff member is suggested for this directorship) 

Social sector: mendicant2

Living sector: TBD

City Staff: xNebulastarx squid10201 whovian15

This will be my new series of cities if you have any questions please ask me! Also remember to reserve your own pod so you don't have to wait long!

Username: TheGingerDoctor

Dimension: All Dimensions 

Would You Like Your Pod Furnished: Yes

Would You Like To Be A Director Of A Sector: Yes please, education sector. I would be very good at teaching features of the mod or of Minecraft to those who don’t know about them


Thank You, xNebulastarx!


Well,  since I have nothing to do after the reset anyways (1st lie), I think this might be fun (2nd lie).

Username: Yblocks, but Commonly refered to as The Professor, or even Prof.

Dimension: All of 'em.

Would you like your Pod furnished?: No, thank you.

Would you like to be a director of a sector?: Oh yes. Either utility or education, and preferably the latter. I know almost everything about Minecraft and quite a lot about the Dalek Mod. But, if that position already is taken, I will be requesting Utility section. 

Ok guys i have your pods added to my plan (I made a diagram of every planned build) I am very organized xD

username: 15wvey

dimension: all dimensions

would you like your pod to be furnished: yes please

would you like to be director of a sector: no thank you i don't believe i could do it to my full potential 


Doesn’t sound like a DMUSC at all; I’m very convinced..

xNebulastarx's builds will not plagiarize DMUSC, don't worry! XD

I like the number of times you say the word colony *cough* DMUSC *cough*

I like the number of times you say the word colony *cough* DMUSC *cough*

 Yea i just noticed that and the word "colony" doesn't really work and my old colony seemed to fit the quality of a terrible colony. but i am also doing my best to not do anything to plagiarize DMUSC because i too also want to join their new colony! And, because of this when i refer to my new Series of cities i will just say "cities" as you see i changed them in the thread.

Question: Are you going to rip-off DMUSC™?


 And No i know what a general idea of the new DMUSC so i will do everything in my ability to not copy your guys colony to not create an incident like my last two colony's also i would like to know the location of your colony as when i begin my location of skaro i would not like to crash with DMUSC and we would need to relocate. I also have  totally new designs as i have explained here is an image of my new corridors in my new Moon City

Alright i have finished building a design for the pods TheGingerDoctor and Yblocks I have made a design for the two different pods you requested so players who are interested this is the difference between pods types!

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This is a common living sector hallway

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This is an unfurnished pod

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This is a furnished home also sorry for the discord and youtube logo's that was a mistake

Ehm... Are you sure the post is finished? No pictures. I don't know if there should be pictures, but I figured it'd be worth mentioning.

EDIT: While typing this, the rest got edited in.

Ehm... Are you sure the post is finished? No pictures. I don't know if there should be pictures, but I figured it'd be worth mentioning.

EDIT: While typing this, the rest got edited in.

Yea sorry about that it was my first time using spoilers 

It's fine. Don't worry about it. My first spoiler was a mess. It was all over the place.

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