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For 1.12.2 Only!

You cant craft the dalek mod :)


He is asking for the recipes for Dalek mod 1.12.2

As for the recipes I don't think there has been a thread made. 

There is no thread for them since they're not 100% finished, for now just use another mod that displays recipes like this one.

Some general advice:

  1. Forum sections- It's best to check the topic for each forums before creating a thread. It's less of an inconvenience to users trying to find relevant threads and to a user seeking help. 
  2. Thread Titles- Thread titles should match thread content. The title (and section) implies that this suggestion was to make the Dalek Mod 1.12 only.
  3. FAQ's and pinned threads- You can often find any information you need without the need to make a new thread.



Thread locked.

Re: Question has been answered (See Weirdo's Comment above)

This thread has been locked.