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[Faction] xNebulastarx for hire!

Hello everybody Neb here!


As we all know In a couple days the dalek mod will be updated to 1.12.2! So I am starting a mine craft faction called "HireNebula"

This is a peaceful faction that is based on helping others on the server!


So what is the purpose of this faction?

So the purpose of this faction is to help people in their new lives on DMU public! So there are a couple jobs that I will do for players (At a fair fine) to assist them in the construction of this new server! Here are the jobs that my services will do:

Mining: I will mine until I have the amount of resources that are requested.(I will not mine for emeralds or diamonds) I will require maybe a pickaxe or some torches as a form of payment.

Farming: I will farm for players and I only do pumpkins and wheat.(Payment will be some seeds a couple hoes and some wood)

Adventuring: I will travel with a new faction and assist in starting to construct their base.(I will require swords of a minimum grade of stone)

Blacksmith: I will craft tools and armor for players(Payment of some pickaxes to mine resources)

Donator: I will give simple resources to starter players who ask with a fine to be payed in the future

Transporter: So your base has been found and you are evacuating and need a player to hold an inventories worth of materials to take to a new base. (Note: I will NEVER steal any items and will charge about 20 iron ingots for each base evacuated)


So this is my new faction! if you would like any of these services at any time please just post them on my thread and I will come and help!

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