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Special Suggestion read first!

Hi everybody! Neb here!


So I was thinking (Yes I was thinking you thought it would never happen but it did) and figured: If there are so many players creating factions why should there not be a server dedicated to factions. So what I thought of was a factions server to have for  the factions of DMU. This server would be a survival server for factions to fight and build. There would be a special shop that sold every item in block that is in MC and DMU. Players would fight to defend their faction and destroy others. When a player joins the server they receive iron armor and tools with 2 stacks of steak and a bow with arrows. When a faction is created the Owner will receive a double chest with stone bricks, nether rack,  pickaxes, flint and steel, TNT , and torches, Then the most important the faction flag (A flag that each factions owns). The goal is to take other factions flags and plant them is your base. Then at the end of each month the faction with the most flags will receive Diamond Blocks, Experience, etc. 


The taking of the enemy flag will mean the faction is disbanded. BUT players of the other faction can beg for mercy and can pay credits to not be destroyed but then they must have all of their resources stolen and need to find a new base but will not lose everything.


So this was my idea and I hope you all like this idea!


Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's completely how the current factions not work. It doesn't even approach it.

We only call them factions because there's no better word for them
but they aren't like the traditional "factions" on a factions based server.
Plus we already have 4 DMU servers and a few more non DMU ones that aren't public.
We can't have anymore nor do we need more.

No offence but no, just no. Many “factions” are not even out there to fight many just want to work together like my faction, Alpha Squad, which is basically out for peace.

Sure, some factions would like more PVP but there isn’t really a way to implement it without it being exceedingly easy to troll people.

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