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[Ban Appeal] Accused "Hacking"

Minecraft Username:xNebulastarx

Why you were banned: "Hacking"

Given Ban Length: 3 day (didn't have calendar in room)

What were you doing last on the server: I was mining and then OIWeirdo and a couple other staff came to blow me up but i didn't die so they eventually killed me with a dalek. I was banned for not dieing

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I don't even understand how i was hacking all i used was Justenoughitems and better pvp(for the minimap to navigate through my old tardis. If you want me to remove better pvp i will willingly

3 day ban*

You also missed a lot of detail in your "What were you doing last".

Stealth, Bob and I tpd to you and intended to chill but we were messing about and set off non damaging explosions which should have, not intentionally, killed you.

We were concerned and so we tested further by setting off more explosions, still not killing you, so then we proceeded to hit you with instant kill weapons and potions but nothing seemed to kill you, not even Bob's staff weapon which always kills the player. We then asked you about it multiple times before you responded to us and you gave us no real proof that what happened wasn't a hack. It couldn't of been lag because we tried to kill you for almost a full minute, wasn't a bug because again, it shouldn't have lasted that long. We were only able to kill you after we'd all started looking at you, which made it seem like you'd turned off some kind of hack.

Unless you can provide proof that anything I've said is false, your ban will stay in place.

Sorry but anyways why were you trying to kill me in the first place anyways? I mean I know that being playful and entertaining players is part of being a staff member but all i was trying to do was mine and explore. and I had just gotten back to my base so now you guys just left me stranded in a bedrock sphere so at least tell me why you randomly tried to use these "One-shot" weapons anyways. plus I tried to ask this but how did you guys die and I didn't I don't understand when I was in survival and you guys in creative? So I think your admin weapons are broken xD so yea can you at least explain that?

The explosions changed everyone except me into survival, hence them dying.

Also as I said above, we weren't targeting you at first but the blast had hit you on accident and should have killed you, so we were investigating further by trying to kill you, which again, didn't work until about a minute after.

Ok I see how about is 2 days we try to kill me again without better pvp to see if I die to see if they are broken or to see if Better PvP is against the rules to survive admin weapons.

No, this isn't a negotiation. You will serve your time.

No, this isn't a negotiation. You will serve your time.

 No i meant after the ban to test it over again I didn't ask for a negotiation. OHHHH i see i thought today was the 28th not the 27th oh i see well then it was a 4 day ban ok you confused me when you said 3 day.

Just gonna say this, that test you offered is very stupid, you could just turn of your hacks

I didn't hack but whatever you say I did then fine you can pretend that I hacked but the last time I checked the Better PvP doesn't have a gui called "Survive Admin Weapons" function.

Oh when i noticed this was not locked it may be locked I was pardoned early and anyways the ban would have ended about a month ago so yea you can lock this now

This thread has been locked.