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How i think staff should deal with players who abort the rules (Not saying they are bad staff members)

a Staff member should always ask the player why before banning them and should Probably Let staff have a mini vote if it was a few words said about a staff as a player may have misunderstood the staff's comments.


A staff member should always also remind the player who is aborting the rules at warning 1 on what rules they might be aborting, also this counts for the following:


staff abuse


inappropriate comments


Bulling and racial abuse.


A Staff should also not ban the player with their own opinion like how annoying they are as it may hurt the players feeling taking it as offence.


I made this post to show what I think of staff and not to Show they are doing it wrong. If you have token any offence about this please let me know in the comments below and write the part it made you feel offended.

I didn't ban you via opinion, I banned you for being a nuisance to the server.


Staff vote anyways and also log every ban and keep notes on them in our discord.


If we wasted time asking plays why they did something we would never get straight answers, If they break the rules, they get punished. Simple as. It's not excuseable.


 Make another forum post linked to staff and how they do their jobs or your ban and I will make your ban permanent.

Ok i get the message I won't make anything else near to my ban but as I said I'm sorry (no longer asking for unban as the unban stuff is not allowed as said) can you lock this post

This thread has been locked.

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