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[Sentence Shortened] [Ban appeal] ChefLaur: Banned for corrupting Dunton 1.12 [Permanent->48 Hrs]

Minecraft Username: ChefLaur

Why you were banned: I was banned because I indirectly caused a corruption in 1.12 Dunton by giving Josia50 the schematic that I wasn't aware was dangerous.

Given Ban Length: Permanent.

What were you doing last on the server: I was watching the schematic being built, after which 1.12 Public server crashed.

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I don't ask to be pardoned, as it is a big, terrible offence, but if there's a way my serving could be shortened, it would be really thankful. However, as it is a huge, terrible offence, I'm absolutely fine if permanent ban is left on me.

Thank you and very deeply sorry about this offence,

Hey, you made a mistake, and so did one of the admins apparently, because your ban shouldn't be any longer than 48 hours.  I've notified the admin, you should be able to join again in less than 2 full days.

I know u didnt know What was going to happen but there was No way I would know it was from 1.8 which has been said , We Might build Credit land again but not via schematic . 

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