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[ Must Read if you think i have] Reports of me spamming?

Recently I have received warnings of Spamming which has me Confused... I've looked at my threads and the times I upload them are completely different as they were before... No one has access to this account but me... Which it comes down to Everyone seeing my past threads which I would like to give them a little advice... If the Thread was made before  the 16th December 2017 that means its been dealt with as I was banned... If it was past that date before you report me please let me know and I'l do my best to stop... Thank you.



Hi SunPlayz,


             We understand that may be confused as to why you are still receiving warnings of spam after specific threads made by you had been dealt with before, though you continue to make unnecessary comments on other threads that have little to nothing to do with the current matter at hand. We'd appreciate that you, as you said in your post, "do your best to stop". 




I think it's time to accept that you might have been spamming the forums... you have had warnings from members of staff to stop- which would not happen if you did not spam. If you do not consider it as such, consider that you have posted in a month what I have in a year. Whatever forums you have come from before, if any, would presumably have been a LOT more active than this one, as you consider your 190 posts to not count as spam. Please stop this, on behalf of me and you. If this does continue, you will presumably be site banned permanently, that is not good. Please think on this, and if you have anything to add, use the edit button. Thanks.

 A month later and I've used the advise no recent reports so i guess this thread can be locked

This thread has been locked.

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