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xNebulastarx's Lego Creations!(Mainly Star Wars) [NEW!]

Hi there everybody!


So I happen to like playing with and creating new lego sets! As a Master Builder this is my Lego creations thread! I would like any type of commenting as I always enjoy the voice of the people. So I will be constantly posting creations of my Legos.


Do you have a personal creation you would like to post an image of cause you can't describe it? Well you can post images of your own ideas of a building to add to any project of mine!


What types of Legos do you model?

Well I model and build mainly Star Wars because I gain more Nerdy info every day! I will also occasionally show Doctor Who builds and Minecraft sets but I will have to be begged if you want me to show any Ninjago sets as I have not touched those in forever.


Neb your builds suck what should I do instead of yelling at you?

Well not every creation is perfect so please tell me what I should add to the build for you to be satisfied as I myself do not approve of some lego set designs for example the Lego Movie sets.


How often will you try to post a creation?

Well I am not certain as different builds take longer to build then others xD


Please enjoy!

Hi Everyone I have my first project!


So this is a model that I am designing at the moment I plan it to be a UCS set based off of Star Wars: Rouge One and A New Hope's Yavin 4! This is where all of the Rebels began their fight at. It is a base that is to be a larger-scaled set here is a model of the Grand Temple:

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So I hope you enjoy this this is to be a longer build then the average design as this is probably going to be a UCS set in the mean time here is a random image of some older Star Wars Lego sets! My main plan for this is to have major play-ability to this set like the ability to pull the levels off and pose mini-figs inside to the rooms and have levers to open the massive hangar doors. I also am planning to have some extra battle packs to go with this set. If all design and support goes neatly there could be a chance that the set would be revealed in 2020 but there is lots of discussions before I can even begin getting the set designed.

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