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[Dalek Mod Suggestions] Combustible Lemons: Make Life Rue the Day it thought it could give Cave Johnson Lemons [Weapon/food/crop suggestion]

Item 1:

Food: Lemon

Natural Generation: Lemons can sometimes be found in the Wild in small trees like these


As a Food: It restores 4 health (2 drumsticks)


Item 2: Combustible Lemon

Weapon: Lemon

Crafting Recipe: Crafting a Lemon with a piece of coal

Note: This will be useless unless you add other ingredients to the Recipe

Adding ingredients to the Recipe: Flint adds a napalm effect and increases the length the fires stay behind, tnt adds an explosive tendency and increases the radius as more are added, and gunpowder increases the actual damage caused by the explosion. Adding more Lemons will allow the recipe to yield more Combustible  Lemons. How you choose to make your lemons is up to you. (Block damaging radius by the explosion never changes, but the entity damaging radius and "napalm" radius will change. I'm still determining tbh)

Use: Combustible Lemons are thrown. I'm still deciding on how physics should affect the lemon and by how much

Origin: Aperture Science (Portal 2)

Any other information: I really feel like I forgot something... Idk. I'll come back and update this later if I can remember what it was. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, feedback, or critique, feel free to comment below



Oh, by the way, I am fully aware this is non DW related: The Dalek Mod adds in a few thing here and there that aren't necessarily DW. Mostly easter eggs and what not.

As an easter egg, Portal 2 is a popular game and a lot of people know about CJ's Lemon Rant. It' s pretty much a meme. The reason I'm suggesting though is because it'd be a pretty cool weapon to be able to use, and it has unique properties (the variations due to crafting recipe. Inspiration came mainly from Vanilla Fireworks crafting). 


I may nerf this a bit. Not sure

When life gives you lemons…

i think this is a super idea

Wodaman01 i need help

 Hey, this isn't the place to call for help, you can post on wodaman's profile if you need his personal help and not just on some random thread you see.


This is a suggestion thread, so I suggest you post it here if you need to: https://swdteam.co.uk/forum?p=thread&tid=9 

It took a few years, but ey, lemons are finally in the mod XD

Just looking through all these old suggestions for ideas

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