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Josia50's Models/Textures

Hello Everyone!

In my free time , I like to make Models which replace existing models in-game.

Feedback is highly appreciated + Any suggestions would be nice.

Everytime i've done a model i'll send it here.




1966 Box :

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Flight Panel :

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Gold Lever Toyota :

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Copper Keyboard:

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13th Doctors Tardis : WIP

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Toyota Monitor :

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Toyota Tardis : 

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Those are really cool. Great job! Also, what did you make them in and how did you get them to be in game as replaced models/textures?

I used Techne + I made it a MDL and replaced existing Dalek Mod Models

the handle is the wrong way round on your model

other than that the models are great!

As I Said they are WIP.

Ty for the possitive feedback 

epic models especially the flight panel and Toyota monitor

I have added a new model , i made a long time ago but forgot to add xD

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