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[Ban appeal] [Resolved] Popcultureman: Wrig9's house grief + Tardis_Team's chest grief [Four days (29th of December)]

-Quoted Message-

{{Right, hello, I was the admin who had issued the ban on you.
1. The server has made new changes which one of them requires you to read all the rules and to accept them. So whether or not that base/building was abandoned or "seemed rather" abandoned, does not make up for you taking resources off players, even if they are inactive. 2. I had extended your time as there were 2 occasions were you violated the DMU rules. Furthermore, your ban will not be lifted early as there are no good reasons to why you should be allowed back onto the server early. 

Hopefully this thread will be locked.



Dear Ramen,

Thank you for the response, I genuinely appreciate the clarification and I completely understand (and agree) with your reasoning. Unfortunately, I was unable to give you this response/change the status of the thread before it was locked, which is why I am doing so now.

Have a great day, and keep up the good work!




P.S. Do pass my apologies onto Weirdo for what I put him through, it truly was not my intention to be such a nuisance. I wouldn't be able to resolve this appeal in good conscience otherwise.

 Thank you for making a kind response! I have passed your apologies over to Weirdo on Discord.




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