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Torchwood 3

Hello, Im Iknowshall; head of Torchwood 3 and would like to inform you about this new fraction that has replaced IMC/ARL 


What Jobs Are There?


1, Scientist (comes with a Lab)2,Engineer(comes with a lab)3,Guard(comes with an Office)4,Night Guard(comes with a Night Office)5,Receptionist(comes with a desk)6,Cleaner(comes with a mop)7,Cook (comes with a Kitchen)


If you have any  Questions please do ask, also if want to join ask me or reply to this thread. 

You can ask  Iknowshall(me), someguypassingby to join.



Scientist please. I would love to join as long as it is on the Private server. Thank You!

Ok so iknowshall when is the base going to be built as of course i am the co-owner

May I apply for scientist or night guard? I was part of a previous torchwood group so it'd be fun to be in one again

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