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A thank you to every admin,head admin,moderator,swdteam members

I wanted to take the time at the beginning of the new year to thank every admin for what they do to keep the server a good place.I would also like to voice my thanks to the swdteam members for bringing us this great mod and who have worked tirelessly coding and making models.I also would like to thank every community member who contributes positively towards the community. Also to the other admins on the site who work to keep the forums clean and not filled with useless threads.


Thank you again,



That's very nice of you, thank you very much!


And happy New Year to you too! 

Thank you so much for saying this Whovian, it's a pleasure helping and working with players!

Happy New Year to you too!


thank you I appreciate it, I really like helping players.


Happy new year to you too!



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