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i want a fair staff member

xXx_poseidon_xXx :   

24 hours : 

getting resources from faction :

i got banned for raiding when its my faction and i am freinds in irl with both of the co-owners they say i can use anything in a open chest but yet again i was banned i am sure u could ask both of them and they would be able to be my lullaby as they are okay with it so u basiically banned me for "raiding" MY faction wich isnt possible when it okay with the owners so please can u unban me also i had inventory cleared and none of  my property returned my tardis destroyed without proof of it not being mine and basically being disrespected by staff youre sincerly poseidon

Stop making ban appeals. Your ban got denied, serve you ban or your ban will be extended.

This thread has been locked.