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TheGingerDoctor's Profile Pics! (Unused Thread, Please Lock)

Hey It's me again! I have been working on a way to use nova skin to make this cool profile pic:

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You can request one using the format below:

Color 1: This will determine what color is used for the ring that encircles the face

Color 2: This will determine the background color (if the same as color 1 or left blank, it will be a darker shade of the ring color)

MC Username: Put your Minecraft username here


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Color 1: Black

Color 2: Black

MC Username:  TheLegendary_Mew

In something to do with skin so this might be a good idea to have

Color 1: Blue

Color 2: Darker Blue

MC Username: TheCowKiller1

Color 1: Red

Color 2: Darker Red

MC Username: CoolDude145 

Color 1: Gray-ish white

Color 2: White

MC Username: ChefLaur

Colour 1: Yellow

Colour 2:Black

MC Username: Fawkes123


Do me pls

Colour1: Red

Colour2: Dark Red

Mc Username: RedDash16

Thank you very much ginger I love my profile pic they are very well done! keep up the good work!

Colour 1: Purple

Colour 2: Navy Blue 

IGN : Luckeyyy 

Colour 1: Dark blue

Color 1: Light Blue

MC name: BagelAngel

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