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I am sure that this is a grief at dunton {New grief at my shop}

Hi everyone!

As I am a police at dunton I went to the police station and found that there were blocks broken around the door to the observation room. I also noticed that the shucker boxes are missing. I hope this is useful!


Hello , We have seen the grief and banned the players. Thank you to point out this grief.

ALSO someone has stolen the dragon head from my store at dunton and it was hard to get so whoever stole in please give it back and has used hoppers to steal all of my items that i kept in the back room so I am beyond mad i had some very valuable resources in there. I had 9 iron blocks 6 lapis blocks 10 gold blocks and a LOT of sugar. Someone please help

We have looked into this and the Person your looking for is RedRoseWolf , He griefed your chests i caught her doing it.

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