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Voidred/UnknownWriter blowing up a mountain and half a plains biome

Username: Me: ShaneH7646 Greifer: Voidred/UnknownWriter Moderator

Location of griefed building(Coords, which server): -250 72 450

When it happened (Time and Date): 1am gmt ish about an hour to 30 mins ago

Description of the problem: Voidred Has blow up this entire mountain leaving a wreckage that reaches of the plains biome, blowing up atleast one house and some of my path

Witnesses (if any): me

Image(screenshot) before and after griefing: Dont have a before screenshots but here are the after shots



 Cut up my path and only just missed rainbow woods (my town

Atleast one house that was destroyed


an entire mountain and biome destroyed for no reason













And this is yet another reason why he should not be staff.

I have no idea why you people on Public think he is good, he's not.

He likes to blow things up, which upsets alot of players along with excessive mob spawning. There was a case where he blew up the store called "Fezzes Cheap" wiht Nitro-9 which angered HappyManScribe. Spawn was also blown up with his Nitro-9 as part of an "experiment" at one point but he was able to patch it up.


I don't think he should be a staff member.

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