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[Denied] [Ban Appeal] Accused Of Greifing, Been rude to staff, Offence

Username: SunPlayzYT

Ban Length Given: Perm

Why Should You be Pardoned: 

Well this started with Someone changing Bot code on Spicy's bot on my discord channel and it spammed a gif of someone banning me on Dmu as of being an annoyance as showen in this photo Below. I've been told that I greifed but i have no clue should i would like a photo of what I greifed and block log too, I was also told of spamming which I also i have no clue in too and this counts with offence, on the other hard with Abusing staff that was on Discord and i was told that discord bans don't lead of discord and that they stay in, I would like to say sorry to the ones whom may feel abused, before you said it had no chance of appeal well Spicy said Why don't you appeal for information.

Your ban was mutually agreed upon by staff, including some SWD members.
These are the following reasons we as a staff team agree with this decision.


  • Rude to Staff and SWD (Including insulting).
  • Spamming SWD and Staff AND the Forums.
  • Constantly causing issues with Staff, mainly Acedia and myself.
  • Getting into trouble often by ignoring advice from staff and team members.
  • No awareness that staff are annoyed of you.
  • No sense of consequences.
  • Not learning from mistakes.
  • Not owning up to your own mistakes but instead just saying it's unfair or something similar.

There are more but this is what we decided to go with.
Yes this includes past offenses because even though you were pardoned from those, they still count against you.
That's how all punishments work. I'm sorry to say but we've all agreed this is the best choice for the server as a whole.
If you have anything to say, do so but it most likely won't help and you'll still be banned.

Ok Weirdo But here's the thing... I have never greifed past offences would get me banned when i have said them which I have served so If your banning me that just isn't playing a fair game

Ok Weirdo But here's the thing... I have never greifed past offences would get me banned when i have said them which I have served so If your banning me that just isn't playing a fair game

 Offences go on record. It doesn't matter if you serve time for them or not. They get added up over time. You out did yourself because you did not learn.

Everyone warning, every punishment. Just did not seem to get through to you. It is your fault that you are banned for not listening.

I do not care if you are admin of some dumb made up lego club, that's no excuse to run rampet constantly. It does not entitle you to act they way you have acted towards the players, the forums and the server. 


You have been given so much advice, so many warnings, called us names, insulted didgeridoomen when he was offering you a shorter punishment. 


Give us one VALID reason why you should be pardoned. And I reccomend you think it through throughly before you respond because your next response will be the only one that will be able to save you. think it through really good before you respond, because it seems to be something you lack the ability to do as I have learned from past experiences. 

I feel like i must add this ; You also ignored the fact that Staff Members don't need to be commanded what to do (Reference : Asking For W/E)

Oh, I'm done with this. See there you go again, completely ignoring what I said.

Nothing seems to get through to you, so there's no point at all even trying to explain or to let you appeal properly.

You've had so many chances, and you just broke your last one. Goodbye.

Sub i read it i want to see what I greifed before I Am being banned this isn't fair without proof you cannot prove that I did it

Bump, You had way to many chances to change your behaviour. We don't want your attitude on the servers.

Banned. No appeal.

You've had way too many warnings...

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