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Tardis Problem

Just got in the server after 2 days without playing and my tardis suddently vanished

i tried call it with a key but it didn't work, it did nothing

then i asked someone to take me to my house, were i could find my tardis by the tardis wall display

it said that my tardis was near -80 70 100 but i couldn't find it anywhere thats when i gave up after 1 hour of search

what i'm going to do next?, Conplain?, No!, that is what lazy people do

what happens if a creeper blow your chest? You pick up what is left and make a new one

That is life, you go on

but most people keep complaining about the server reset

i didn't, i started over, just like i will be doing since all my stuff was in my tardis and i don't have my interior coords anymore


You did the right thing! I approve of your mindset, a lot if people tend to scream and rage quit after the server was reset, so I  like you attitude. 

Can someone help me i cant get in to dalek mod public server

Can someone help me i cant get in to dalek mod public server

 i think the server is down, but why you comment here ?, this is a thread explaining how people should not worry about losing stuff


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