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Skaro Overhaul

Hi, this is my first post on the SWDTeam forums! While playing the Dalek Mod, I have noticed that Skaro is very empty and there aren't really any reasons why anyone would go there. I have some suggestions of how to fix this problem, as well as some mobs to go with these.

.Structures/biomes on Skaro


Idea 1- Kaalann, City of the Daleks

Kaalann is a large Dalek city that spawns in a fixed location on Skaro. I would like the city to serve as a "home" for the Daleks (as Skaro is their homeworld), as well as a challenge for the player both in terms of surviving in it and actually getting to it.

.Ways to enter Kaalann - There should be two ways to enter the city, which are described below. 
-Main Entrance: this would be in the form of a wide "avenue" between the various buildings in the city that leads to the central administrative building and branches off into various "streets" between the buildings of the city. 
-Sewers: these would be taken from the 2015 two-parter "The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar" and would take the form of tunnels leading under the surface of Skaro and ending in a lift (operated by a lever) that would take you back to ground level inside a small building in Kaalann. The sewers would also be home to Kaled mutants that have abandoned their casings due to them malfunctioning.

.Buildings in Kaalann
-Administrative building - this is the main building of the city, and would contain the control room from
 "The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar" and a platform for the Supreme Dalek to stand on. There should also be a way to access the upper level of the building in order to use the walkways connecting the different buildings.
-Science building - this building should contain several mob spawners that spawn several different Dalek types, as well as Kaled mutants in glass cases and a progenitor.
-Hydroponics farm - this dome should contain various plants, as it is used as a food supply of sorts for the Daleks.
-Museum - This building should contain several different Dalek casings (not mobs – see below) to act as a "Daleks throughout the years" exhibit, fossils of ancient animal species that once lived on Skaro and some historic Kaled artefacts.
-Cubicles - these buildings should contain the lifts - some providing access to the upper levels, some providing access to the sewers. These lifts can be used by both players and Daleks.
-All doors in Kaalann are Dalek City doors from older versions of the mod.

Note to the creators of the mod: my list of suggestions will be quite extensive, but if you cannot add any other fixed structures on this list, just add Kaalann.

-Image:Kaalann, the City of the Daleks

Idea 2 - Dalek Flagship/Mothership (Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways)

The Dalek Flagship should act as the "second act" of Kaalann; it is accessed via a teleporter at the top of the administrative building that leads into the saucer.

.Inside the saucer
-Factory/hatchery rooms - these are where more Daleks are spawned aboard the ship as a security force. (via spawners)
-Engine rooms - these would be accessed by lifts similar to those in Kaalann and  be connected to a central "core" similar to the ones inside the wrecked Dalek saucers in older versions of the mod.
-Command dome - Here is where you confront the Dalek Emperor, who acts as a boss and spawns black-domed Dalek guards to kill the player. After defeating the Emperor, a teleport tile will appear, allowing the player to exit the saucer and respawn the Emperor.
-Image: The flagship of the Dalek Emperor

Idea 3 - Lake of Mutations and Petrified Jungle

.Lake of Mutations
-Acts as a barrier between the player and the main entrance to Kaalann.
-Marshy, shallow outer sector; home to Slythers 
-Deep inner sector; home to Urvacryll (giant mutant eels)
-Image: The Lake of Mutations

.Petrified Jungle
-Acts as a barrier before the Lake of Mutations
-home to Varga Plants, Magnedons and Thals (hostile to Daleks)

-image: The petrified jungle on Skaro



Idea 4 – Dalazar Road/ related structures
.Dalazar Road
-Roadway made of Skaro stone.
-Provides a route leading to Kaalann, going through the petrified Jungle and the Lake of Mutations (after all, the challenge shouldn’t be finding the way to the Dalek City, but getting there – Daleks can still spawn on the road!)
-Named after Dalazar, the continent of Skaro where Kaalann is located.



.Kaled City Ruins
-Accessed via a trail leading branching out from Dalazar Road.
-Marks the halfway checkpoint on the journey to Kaalann.
-Ruined buildings contain chests holding radiation pills, Kaled armour and Kaled Weapons.
-City is home to Varga plants, 1963/2012 Skaro Daleks and Proto-Daleks.
 The Kaled dome before it was destroyed - its ruins are what I am suggesting





.Ruined Outpost
-An old Kaled outpost that marks the beginning of the Dalazar Road.
-Contains chests with similar contents to those in the ruined Kaled dome (see above)
-Home to several Proto-Daleks.



Idea 5 – Mining/construction station
-randomly spawning dungeons that have a ring shape.
-as they are mining stations, the chests in them contain lots of Dalekanium ore blocks.
-these structures will be crawling with Daleks!
-at the centre of each “ring” is a Dalek saucer under construction, similar to the crashed saucers from older versions of the mod.


Note to the creators of the mod: please test this all once/if it is coded in to avoid bugs!

I like this idea. One of the few good suggestions, and realistic aswell. Would love to see this, though it would be a lot of work. But nice though, nonetheless.

.Mobs to inhabit new areas of Skaro

Note to the creators of the mod: all exp. drops can be decided by the mod development team

.Kaled Mutant
-As seen in: various
-Background: the actual mutant genetically engineered by Davros to be housed within the Mark Three Travel Machines
-Planet of origin: Skaro (in sewers of Kaalann and in hatcheries on Dalek Flagship)
-Behaviour: hostile to non-Daleks, can inhabit empty Dalek casings (turns them into equivalent Dalek mob)
-stats: health: 10, attack: 1 + 1/2 hearts
-why it should be added: it is the actual Dalek creature, and would provide a challenge in the dark sewers leading to Kaalann.

-Image: A Kaled Mutant

.Dalek Emperor
-As seen in: The Parting of the Ways
-Background: The ruler of the Daleks during the Time War, survived the last day and fell to Earth, taking control of the Game Station to breed a new army of Daleks.
-Planet of origin: Skaro: in Dalek Flagship (or in administrative building in Kaalann if flagship cannot be coded in)
-Behaviour: immobile, hostile to non-Daleks, spawns guard Daleks (see below), special weakness: Time Lord Stasers.
-stats: health: 1000
-why it should be added: there are no bosses currently in the mod and no Dalek Emperors; this design is also quite iconic and the Emperor as a character was very memorable. It is also never confirmed that the Emperor actually dies at the end of “The Parting of the Ways”, as an off-screen death is never a true death.

-Image:The Dalek Emperor/ The "God of all Daleks"

.Imperial guard Dalek (Time War)
-As seen in: The Parting of the Ways
-Background: the guards that protected the Dalek Emperor aboard his flagship
-Planet of origin: Skaro (see above)
-Behaviour: hostile to non-Daleks, spawned by Dalek Emperor to protect him, attacks anyone and anything that damages the Emperor.
-stats: health: 40, attack: same as a standard Dalek

 - Why it should be added: it provides a challenge for players seeking to attack the Dalek Emperor, since it is unarmed. This type also fits with the Emperor, as they are both 2005 era Daleks. 

-Image:An Imperial Guard Dalek from the Last Great Time War

Note to the creators of the mod: There will be several more mobs suggested below, but if you cannot code all of them in along with the structures I have suggested above, just code in the three mobs above along with any structures you can code in.




-As seen in: The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Only Good Dalek (comic)
-Background: anemone-like creatures used by the Daleks as guard dogs.
-Planet of origin: Skaro (everywhere but Petrified Jungle, Kaalann and Dalek Flagship)
-Behaviour: hostile to any mob that is not a Dalek or Skarosian fauna (will attack Urvacryll if provoked).
-stats: health: 50, attack: 5 hearts, chance of dealing nausea to players.


Image: A Slyther






-As seen in: TV21 Dalek comics
-Background: a species of giant mutated eel that makes its home in the Lake of Mutations.
-Planet of origin: Skaro (Lake of Mutations)
-Behaviour: hostile to everything but other Urvacryll.
-stats: health: 90, attack: 9 hearts


Image: An eel similar to an Urvacryll, but with only one head, not two.




.Varga Plant
-As seen in: Mission to the Unknown/The Daleks’ Master Plan
-Background: a plant that can infect other life forms with its spines, turning them into Varga plants too.
-Planet of origin: Skaro (Petrified Jungle and Kaled City Ruins)
-Behaviour: hostile. Special behaviour: can turn anything it kills into a Varga plant (similar to how zombies infect villagers)
-stats: health: 35, attack: 3 hearts

Image: A group of Varga plants




-As seen in: The Mutants (aka The Daleks)
-Background: a metallic lizard that makes its home in the Petrified Jungle on Skaro.
-Planet of origin: Skaro (Petrified Jungle)
-Behaviour: passive.
-Stats: health: 24

Image: A Magnedon in the Petrified Jungle



-As seen in: various
-Background: one of the two sentient races on Skaro (the other being the Daleks); opposed to the Daleks.
-Planet of origin: Skaro (Petrified Jungle)
-Behaviour: passive (hostile towards Daleks and players wearing Kaled armour).
-Stats: health: 20 attack: 1 heart

Image: A group of Thals




-As seen in: not in any official medium (design by Librarian-bot on Deviantart, backstory by me and Librarian-bot – no contact between me and him)
-Background: Kaled survivors of the Thal rocket strike that have crawled into Mark Two Travel Machines to survive.
-Planet of origin: Skaro (Kaled City Ruins and Ruined Outpost – also spawn around Kaalann on a full moon)
-Behaviour: hostile to anything but Daleks and their own kind. However if the player wears a Kaled armour part, they will be tolerated by the Proto-Daleks.
-Stats: health: 35 attack: slightly less than a true Dalek. Also have a slower firing rate.





Image: Librarian-bot's idea of what a Mark Two Travel Machine might look like(please note that you should ask Librarian-bot’s permission before you use this design, or else come up with your own version).

I like this idea. One of the few good suggestions, and realistic aswell. Would love to see this, though it would be a lot of work. But nice though, nonetheless.

 Thanks! I'm glad to see that it's possible so far!

.Blocks/items to go with Kaalann (essential)

-Description: small, egg-shaped item used to spawn in Daleks.
-Background: A capsule containing pure Dalek DNA created during the Time War as a way of recreating the Dalek race in the event of their extinction.
-The player will obtain it via Creative mode or in chests in the Science Building in Kaalann.
-Why this should be implemented: This will provide an explanation for how the many Daleks are being spawned in Kaalann and the Dalek Flagship (if it is implemented), as well as a good way of recreating Victory of the Daleks.
-Other information: it will spawn five random Daleks per use by the player.



Image: A Dalek Progenitor device



.Empty Dalek casing
-Description: similar to the Dalek mobs, except that it is just a static block.
-Background: an empty Dalek travel machine.
-The player will obtain it by crafting the three Dalek sections. Different colours/combinations of wool will change the type of casing produced (the default is 2005 Time War Dalek)
-Why it should be implemented: it will go hand in hand with the Kaled mutant mob (which can “pilot” them by replacing itself and the block with the equivalent Dalek mob), as well as providing an opportunity for players to create their own “Daleks throughout the years” museum without having to worry about getting exterminated.
-Other notes: these can be found, fully assembled in Kaalann’s Science Building, the hatcheries aboard the Dalek Flagship and in the sewers underneath Kaalann (as an indicator of Kaled mutants being nearby).


.Other blocks/items (optional)

.Kaled Armour
-Description: dark clothing worn by Kaled soldiers.
-Background: the clothing worn by Kaled soldiers during the Thousand Year War on Skaro.
-The player will obtain it in chests in the Kaled City Ruins and Ruined Outpost, as well as via Creative mode.
-Why it should be implemented: it is a relic of the Thousand Year War that can be worn by players for many purposes, including avoiding attacks by Proto-Daleks, as well as re-enacting Genesis of the Daleks.
-Other notes: although wearing the leggings and/or shirt of the armour set will protect the player from Proto-Daleks, it will not protect them from any true Dalek, and Thals will also become hostile to the player.

-Image: Two Kaled soldiers wearing the "armour" that I am suggesting.


.Dalek Emperor trophy
-Description: a model of the Emperor Dalek, similar to the zombie, creeper and Ender Dragon trophies.
-The player will obtain it by defeating the Dalek Emperor, or in Creative mode.
-Why it should be implemented: It provides a reward for defeating the Dalek Emperor, encouraging people to fight him.



Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions, and I hope you can code at least some of them into the Dalek Mod to bring more life to the Dalek homeworld.

I agree with the fact that Skaro is pretty empty and there is no real reason to go there. All these suggestions are really nice and would add a bit more mystery and excitement when exploring it. Hope they add at least some of these suggestions. 

Perfect time to post this, I'm working on overhauling skaro

Perfect time to post this, I'm working on overhauling skaro

 Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was busy with school. It would be really good if at least some of my suggestions were added - Kaalann, the first three suggested mobs and the first two suggested items would do if nothing else can be coded in in time.

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