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What just happened?

Hello, I am TheSixthDoctor and this is what is happening to the server that is EXTREMELY serious, I am a admin so you can have my trust.


A Player by the name UnknownWriter also now known as ChildOfTheVoid was upset over getting deRanked for the 2nd time so he all out greifed spawn. So the public server will go under a Ton of construction and might get shut down if so extreme. Please note if the server gets reset YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR STUFF BACK so don't ask staff

Fuck, I feel like this is my fault. Is there anyway I can help?

Fuck, I feel like this is my fault. Is there anyway I can help?

 Don't worry it's not your fault. We'll have to let the staff sort this out.


Sixth, I have logged the chat messages for this incident after spawn was griefed. In a few hours after lessons I will make a post clarifying the issue and will present evidence to SWD. Just have a quick lie down and maybe a discussion with other staff, I'll post it soon.

Under the instruction of tumblr_cat (With the help of tumblr cat) and some work... We have some form of progress that won't cause tons of people to lose their hard work. (Attempting to keep the sanity of the SWDbaes/ Staff and Others.) 


Update: Repaired alot of the shop. Rebuilt the walls, roof, etc. (Signs must be repaired but fixed what I could even tho world protect was active)



I have screenshots of the products available in the shop, along with the rules board, as I like taking logs of official server property. Would you like me to attach them here?

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