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plukaao4s Custom Tardis

I tried making a custom 2010-2012 Tardis..

What do u guys think?

That looks amazing. Can't wait to see more. You have talent.

I think that is much more realistic looking console than the one we currently have in the mod. Great work!

 Is there any change that you could make download link for worldsave including that?

I'm actually making another one,

Better scale, colors and much more.

I really hope they add it to the Dalek mod! Great details


Work in progress guys.

 i love the details and just how it looks screams Matt Smith 2010, i would love to build like that!! keep up the great amazingly awesome work!

I Really like That! It's one of my Faveourites... When I saw it first... I thought it was 10th's But all Bashed up XD


Still working on it


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 My bad, wrong pic...Srry.. *awkward*

This is the right pic:

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