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Service Update: HireSWD discontinued.


HireSWD Discontinued

Please read this post before responding.






Why are you doing this?

At the start we never expected this feature of the site to be as popular as it turned out to be.

We are very grateful for all the funds we have received via this to support our servers but many members of the community and some members of the team did not like the service, so we killed it!.


What's gonna happen if you're already making mine and I've paid!.

Don't worry, if you had a accepted HireSWD in progress it will be completed still.

any issues you have feel free to contact members of the team via the site or Discord


Will this effect the servers at all?

Thankfully no, we have enough funds to support our servers for the next few months,

we're going to look into different ways for people to support us without affecting gameplay.


Why did you do HireSWD in the first place are you money hungry jerks and vile?

Despite what some people say we don't just cash all the money and go and spend it on cans of Pepsi and Glenn Miller records.

I mean sure if we made enough to actually pocket some of the money we'd be pleased but.. we don't and we're pretty far off that.

We started this service so we could raise funds but after a long while and seeing how it progressed it was obviously a flawed system,

we didn't think how it would effect the Dalek Mod and SWDTeam in general.



To all those who disliked this service you weren't alone, we weren't being greedy although RedDash did try to buy a Ferrari and the bank is currently looking to take his house. (CAUTION: JOKE, CAUTION: DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY)



Written by RedDash on behalf of the SWDTeam. 


Quick Note: All current hire SWD items will remain in the mod, they won't change this only affects people making new orders.



Rest In Piece HireSWD. Even though I never used you

Rip my request, I hadnt payed but I'd been waiting for reply about the price for a while.


Used for getting OP weapons for the Dalek Mod

And sonic and TARDISes too
Gone but never forgotten

Well, I'm glad that I decided just before now to finally buy mine, I was hoping to buy more and support the team so I'm sad to see it go, but I understand. 

Aww man! And I just finished putting together a huge list of crazy stuff I wanted coded. So much for that ELO spaceship.

If people still want non DM related stuff such as renders, videos, games, etc then they are more than welcome to still contact us, but we won't be accepting anymore HireSWD's the for DM, they end up dominating the updates meaning we focus more on coding them in that we do coding the actual features

WHAT?! o,O

But I had so much cash to spend, and so many projects to commission! :(

Oh well. If this is what it is, this is what it is. I shall respect this choice, and trust this is for the best. :)

Still, not gonna lie, I shall miss it. 

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