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Bug Reporting

This section of the forums is for reporting bugs to us. The types of bugs we suggest posting here are bugs which may occur when using our website or whilst playing one of our games / mods.


What can I post here?

You can post bug reports for the following:

- Any SWDTeam Mods

- Any SWDTeam Games

- Any part of the website


What is not recommeneded?

The following are examples of what we would not suggest you posting here, however if you do, we might not always respond.

- Problems to do with other mods (Except posting about compatibility issues)

- General Minecraft issues

- Bugs from non SWDTeam games


I'm still a bit unsure...

If you are still unsure just post what you are unsure about below and we will respond as soon as we can! 


I think I've found a slight bug with the SWD Forums section. I'm not sure if this is just my computer's problem or the SWD site.

I find when I am in the middle of writing a new thread in the SWD Forums section (logged in of course), sleep my computer and come back to post the thread, the site states I must be logged in to post it, even though I was previously. Fortunately when I log in as it states and come back to the draft, the site saves everything I wrote. :)


I found a duplacating tardis glitch with nitro-9.

If you blow a tardis up with nitro-9 a second tardis apperars.

~Lloyd__ or Lloyd_Wolf

The T.A.R.D.I.S. is invisible sometimes when it rematerializes.

In the SWD forums, some characters in a post are not displayed correctly. For instance in my unofficial Dalek Mod FAQ the quotation marks appear as question marks. The size of my text are all the same (12pt, Arial) yet some words appear smaller than others.

Sometimes when i leave the tardis in the 1.8 dalek mod it turns invisible so i have to re enter the tardis and come back out again, it wasn't a big problem but it kept happening more and more recently so i was hoping you could fix this in the next update please.

In survival, when I step in a TARDIS or go out from a TARDIS, my levels removes. I must do something, what's giving levels to reload them. It's small bug, but it is bug. 

I'd like to report these bugs for trespassing...


I think there is a slight display bug with the forums. When I am signed in to the SWD forums, not playing the Dalek mod but viewing a comment of mine, I appear to be in-game (a green outline around my profile picture )even though I am not.

||Bug Report||


Mod: The Dalek Mod

Item: The Tardis


Bug: When i get in my tardis, i am able to go to classic minecraft, cave game, skaro, the moon, and the nether and back to the current 1.8 mc, I dont know if they have been added in the 1.8 Dalek Mod but I cant go to the other planets or demensions, but this isnt the bug.

The main problem i have is that i cant change the coords to go to in the tardis, when i do they just revert back to what they were automatically set as... its really bugging me :/

||Bug Report||

Dalek Mod

Bug:  I can't craft anything from the mod either in Survival Mode or Creative Mode.  Also, there are no sonic screwdrivers in either of those modes either. 

||Bug Report||

Dalek Mod

Bug:  I can't craft anything from the mod either in Survival Mode or Creative Mode.  Also, there are no sonic screwdrivers in either of those modes either. 

 Yeah, that's a common issue everyone's had, it's not just you. Update 40 was ported to 1.8 and the vast amount of features meant SWD weren't able to port some of the features over, like the sonics and crafting. They will all be added back in a later update, I'm not sure when exactly.


Feel free to take a look at a FAQ I made for the Dalek Mod, it has information on commonly asked questions like yours. I hope it may be of use to you! 



the landing is about 3 6 sec off from sound effect 

 Yeah that's a known bug. The landing feature was quickly ported to 1.8 as a placeholder. (It was put there temporarily so you guys can use it for now) They will improve it for a later update.

i don't know if it is just me but i can't use the TCN model loader

when i put any model in it turns invisible

then if i try get out of the world my minecraft stop responding

i had to force it to close

Slight bug, in the Suggestions tab, since there are so many threads (some of which I reckon are unnecesary) there are two pages worth of threads.


When you click on the "Next" page and ">>" button it doesn't respond. Pressing each page number works though. (I'm using Firefox)

>> >
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