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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] A Hand in A Jar aka Regenerating 10th Doctor Style

Note: This suggestion is to be used with regeneration, whenever this is added to the mod and whatever form it takes.


It's that time again. You've had that fight with the daleks or been have poisoned by Spectrox while visiting Androzani, and now you have to regenerate. But you don't want to go. You want to keep that perfect face you got this time around. How can you do this?


It's time to give a more than decorative use to the hand in a jar. When the player needs to regenerate, and the hand is in their inventory, they can select a meta-crisis option during regeneration. This will allow them to regain full health, and have the other effects of regeneration, but retain their present appearance. The excess energy will be absorbed by the hand in their inventory. This can only be done once per hand, per regeneration.


As for what can be done with the hand after the player regenerates, I have a few ideas, ranging from using it to power something to creating a player-looking companion mob. But I'm curious to hear everyone else's ideas about this. If you have one, please post it below.

I like this idea but a less doctor who style idea is that the hand would explode and can be used to damage any mobs around you to clear a room for a regeneration.

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