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The Varos Daleks (Faction)

Random question: In what order do the ranks come in? Like Emporer then elder or supreme dalek by order of power? Also can i suggest a default rank? Drone, maybe?

Emperor is first-in-command, Supreme Dalek second-in-command, Then comes elder, builder and other ranks.

Sure we can have a rank for default members.

Serkula you froggot to add me as a member as i have the custom role of builder and eternal dalek 

Sorry for not being on I have been VERY busy. I will be on Saturday. I have the TT capsule tardis skin. Still haven't got a new skin. See you soon

Due to recent incidents, I would recommend all members of our faction to keep their valuables in their tardises, Not inside the town. Griefers are able to use a hopper to get these items.

Congratulations to Comrades Imtrx54 and BrettTheKidRE for being promoted to the Elder rank.

We have made an alliance with Greentown.

KalaTown has become part of the Ambient Union of .N.I.T, AmbientCity, and more later.

Kalatown has joined the Brotherhood of Nations.

The Ambient Union has fully dissolved. The Brotherhood shall replace it.

Unit Squadron 3 has joined the Empire of the Varos Daleks

I wont be on very often. I have other things to do, so I am going to be gone awhile. I have kind of stopped playing minecraft. But I will be on again! See you soon!


                                                                                                                                                    Cheers, Mendicant2

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