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Time Dilation

Name of Block: Parodox Cube (the act of using it tho is called Time Dilation)

Description: When this block gets placed it spawns a clone of the player who placed it, And the player can control this clone and take up its pov (like in the minecraft clone mod)and when this happens the original player (playerA) will begin to act as a villiger or a iron golem

Lore/Brief Background:The parodox cube is a forbidden piece of equipment as it bastardizes time itself by ignoring its laws,When used it takes the player out of borrowed time.

How does the player obtain it:Can be crafted by placing  Zeiton-7  in a block formation as if they were crafting a block of diamonds

Why should this be implemented: This would be a cool aspect to implement the illusion of time travel and time travel shenanigans 

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable): N/A

Any other information: Everytime a player uses a box their health permanently goes down by half of a heart till they no longer have health and die, When the Original Player dies all time dilations die with it,but if a time dilation dies all time dilations after it die with it  EXAMPLE: If i used the parodox cube 12 times and time dilation #7 dies then 7,8,9,10,11, and 12 die with it but everyone else is safe. Each time dilation has their own inventory, and when spawned they have random items in their inventory as to give the illusion they were plucked randomly from their future and time dilations CANNOT use parodox cubes for if they even have one in their inventory they die.

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