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[DMU Ban appeal] Username: Bertrahm; Reason: Fly Hack [perm]

Minecraft username: Bertrahm

Why you were banned: Fly hack

Ban duration: perm

What were you doing last on the server: doing random stuff, doing stuff in Town, rtp'ing in all dimensions


I was bored rtp'ing in the Tardis Dimension (I didn't know that was possible) so i ended of in a another guys tardis and looked through the chests, but i didn't steal anything, and i don't have a fly hack. And i know that would normally be visible in the logs.

Hello there,


Your ban appeal is denied because if you check the pictures below, you can clearly see yourself fly.


I will leave the thread open and wait for your respond.


Pictures of you flying:


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Well, idk what to say, i will not try to get that ban of me. And you got clear evidence so i admit i was using a fly hack.

This thread has been locked.