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Moderator Application

Hello, I'm LazyOctopus. I have been on DMU for quite some time now, and I'd like to apply to become a mod! My IGN is LazyOctopus.

Reasons I should become a Moderator:

-I have good grammar.

-I'm on daily.

-I'm kind of well known.

-I know lots about Mods and their responsibilites.

-I'm usually very respectful.

-I've only been banned once on DMU, for griefing ModernCity (An complete accident, but I decided to serve my time.) I've been muted once, for fueding with Batman2_2, but I have since changed from those ways and Batman2_2 quit the server.

I promise to be a respectful and responsible mod, and If I am rejected, I will fully accept ypur judgement. I am fine with being made Trial for the longest time possible, and good with any additional responsibilites.


That's why I think I should become a Moderator on DMU. :)


                                                                                                                                                                                      Best Regards,


1. You are not allowed to apply for staff on the forums use this link to apply.

2. One of the requirements for being staff is that you didn’t broke any rule and that you didn’t receive any punishment (mute, jail, ban etc), but you got banned once and muted once so you don’t have the requirements. I will leave this thread open so a UA can respond too.

Well, given I don't have the requirements, I shall leave this idea. 

This thread has been locked.