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The Brotherhood of Nations

  The Brotherhood of Nations   LazyOctopus here. I'd like to introduce you to the offical forum of the Brotherhood of Nations! What is the Brotherhood, you may be asking. It's like the Federation, but for smaller nations, like .N.I.T, and CookieDoughIsTheBestTown. Any nation is free to join! The capital is in .N.I.Town. Ask me for directions.


Current Members:

The .N.I.T


Kingdom of DoctorTown

Mos Eisley Spaceport


If you'd like your town to join, please ask here with the correct format. For example,


Town Name: oOfViLlE

Town Mayor: xX_Cool_Kidz_Xx

Other Staff: DankDoge1234

Why you think your town should join: becuz we have gud memes X3


Post your applications, and any discussions related to the Brotherhood down here!





The Kingdom of DoctorTown has joined the Brotherhood. Welcome, DoctorTown.

Town Name: Mos Eisly Spaceport

Town Mayor: xNebulastarx

Other Staff: N/A (very small town in the making

Why you think your town should join: Because we are a new town and want to join a federation that is super cool we also have lots of sand!

Accepted, Mos Eisly Spaceport has now join the Brotherhood.

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