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Discord ban appeal

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Discord account username and ID:Interviewer ydna111


Why you were banned: Calling sub name, spams


Ban duration:  unknown


What were you doing last in the discord: Talking to Sub


Any previous bans: personal (only 1)


Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): Now i know how rude is to call staff/sub names I 'll  try next time to not do it. I want to try to be part of Swd community again and  I can stop being rude to others just give me last chance please.


Can I ask what it means to me ?

Sorry about previous troubles I made


Sorry for asking,but what do you mean by spam  ?

And is it possible i get unbanned on discord ?

Ydna you have had too many warnings and have been banned multiple times on DMU and have been banned on the discord for being rude to other staff members. 


You clearly do not learn from punishments and you have not supplied staff with any reason to unban you.


Also since you asked, spam is sending/repeating useless messages in chat.


I do really understand why  I have received my punishment and I am trying to learn . But truly my problem is to reveal it to you. I please you give me last chance to prove it.

Kind regards ydna111


Please respond .  And it could be enough to write accepted/deciding/rejected

Can we discuss it please in PM's Sub if not thread shall be locked.

This thread has been locked.