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Dalek Mod Lego Dimensions Tardis!



Lego? In Minecraft?

We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of adding the Tardis from Lego Dimensions into the Dalek Mod. As you can see from the above video the Tardis is very closely designed to look exactly like the Lego Dimensions Tardis exterior. This Tardis is planned to be fully released into the mod for update 40.5 which we are planning to release just before the christmas update which will be update 41. However if you have beta access you can currently access the exterior through the chameleon circuit in Dalek Mod Update 40.2.


But WAIT! There's more!

We are also going to be adding in a unique Tardis interior for the Lego Dimensions Tardis. The interior will be different from any of the other Dalek Mod interiors and will be based off of the Toyota Tardis interior!


Beta Access: https://swdteam.co.uk/product.php?key=o8Hj2ekUxWZrDx9Zuqm2FwtaNaIBDtTn

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAKo0-rSEwI

omg his own interior! *-* The outside is just beautiful but i can't imagine the inside... im so exited *Q*

Must need some new blocks coded in for the lego styled tardis interior!

this is awesome! now wheres update 41?

 Now delayed by 15 more minuets. :)

this is awesome! now wheres update 41?

 Now delayed by 15 more minuets. :)

 how long are the minuets?

also... have you got the sheet music?

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