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(kinda mod suggestion) The fate of Metroid Cubed

Hi, I'm here to suggest an idea about a mod that has been abandoned for a long time (it has been updated to the newest version, but nothing much new has been implemented besides that) - Metroid Cubed. I am a dedicated fan of the Metroid game series, and so thought Metroid Cubed would be great. Sure enough, it contains all the items from the Metroid Prime Trilogy (among my favorite games of all time) and a new dimension/world: Dark Aether. However, there were no mobs (there are plenty from the Metroid games to choose from) and Dark Aether is completely empty. However, I hope that the SWD Team will be able to save this mod and help it to reach its true potential. I will list a few suggestions in the posts below.

Suggestion 1: Complete Aether/Dark Aether

This suggestion would involve simply coding in the proper structures, item placements and mobs to complete Dark Aether, as well as creating its light world counterpart, Aether. I feel that this would be the easiest for the SWD Team, and also would provide a sense of closure to the unfinished elements. I'll leave the wiki entries on Aether and Dark Aether for the team to choose elements to work on (if they are able to do this project).

Aether wiki entry: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Aether

Dark Aether wiki entry: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Aether


Suggestion 2: Create a new world

This would involve creating another world from the Metroid series, such as Zebes, SR-388 or Tallon IV (to name a few), along with a few mobs and item placements to go with them. This will prove trickier to do, so I will be fine if this option is not accepted. Information about these worlds and others can be found on the Metroid wiki: http://metroid.wikia.com/wiki/Metroid_Wiki


Suggestion 3: Tie it in to the Dalek Mod


This would involve making all of Metroid Cubed's features compatible with the Dalek Mod (such as the Power Suits letting you breathe on the Moon and Mars without need for oxygen and making the PED suit protect players from Skaro's radiation, among other features), as well as adding a Metroid planet such as Zebes and a few of its inhabitants to the mod (the world would be accessible via the TARDIS).




As a loyal fan of the Dalek Mod, SWD team and Metroid, I hope that you can find a way of saving a mod that has not yet reached its full potential (as well as possibly tying it in to the Dalek Mod, which would be awesome).

One comment. That's all you need for an OP unless you run out of character space. If you just forgot to say something initially, you can edit previous posts with the edit post button in the bottom right of a comment box.


I would like to see a Metroid mod myself, so this gets my support. It's up to SWD Team themselves, though, as to whether or not they'd like to work on it

Thanks  for the advice Arcphoenix. I placed each suggestion into separate comments to make it easier to read. I've merged the posts together now following your advice.

Thanks  for the advice Arcphoenix. I placed each suggestion into separate comments to make it easier to read.

 I understand, and you're welcome. Here are three alternatives -which are generally preferred more in the forums over multiple comments - that all allow for putting all information in one post (demonstrated in this comment):


1) You can space between paragraphs


2) you can use a horizontal line in between sections (said line split button is to the button just left of the "upload" button in the text editor window


3) Using headers and emphasizing them by using different fonts ("font family" button in the text editor window) or by using header formats, bold, or underlining

("Formats button" -> "Headings" or "Inline").

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