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Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: Shadowlink11oo

Why you were banned: Griefing

Ban duration:  1 week

What were you doing last on the server: Making a Tardis corridor

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):

Firstly I believe i should be pardoned early due to the fact I wasn't the one who griefed it was my brother. I share this account with him and my parents make us share this due to family separation /problems. I had finished on the server and was sleeping when my brother came on and griefed. I logged off around 10pm and the account was back on at 3Am or 9am in America Texas where my brother is.

I had an Admin sit with Ultra Admin Zelotbe and summer staff writer  I was then given a verbal warning being told the account is under my responsibility this was around 1:30 Pm I was told punishment would be taken if it ever happened again. I straightaway changed my password so my brother can no longer access this account.  (I think this was Aidan)

Secondly when a different Admin came on they asked what had happened, i explained and said two people already dealt with it they looked at it and said that was fine.

Finally I had a trial mod Mew and someone else come up and talk to me about the situation I again explained for the second time this had already been dealt with, they proceeded to say about the account sharing which had already bee stopped with the first admins, then after I was told i was going to be banned and could appeal the ban. I simply replied this can't be right if I have already had this sorted, they had no response. I then proceeded to make my corridors when I was banned by ThecreeperMan545. it says warning one so whether that's the one the first guys gave me the verbal warning i don't know or the warning is the ban I'm not sure.

I hope this can be resolved as I've only been on the server for two days and am already in love and that the Admins can talk how to deal with problems already solved thank you.

1. The other person with me was Ghostbuster/Samus

2. I apologise for not seeing your message about it being dealt with, but as I said, it's your responsibility with your account, even if it was your brother

3. This grief was different, we had checked, so either your brother did more griefing while you were online (which would mean it was you) , or more grief that was undiscovered appeared. In both cases a punishment would still need to be served as it is more grief

Okay thank you very much for explaining and apologizing this is very appreciated I'll see you guys in a week :)

This is bad but is there any way to pay with paypal to either lessen the ban or remove it XD

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