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Ban appeal (ydna111)

 Minecraft username:ydna111


Why you were banned: account used to bypass, rudeness to Bob


Ban duration: perm


What were you doing last on the server:*long time ago*


Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I only want to add Im aknowledged that my account is my responsibility (now secured by changing password)=> if proof required tell me. And also I want to apologise for being rude and disrespecting staff member. I regret it all what i did and i please you to give me last chance to prove my genuine behaviour. 

Best regards. Ydna111

P.S.: reasons why I should be unbanned (requested by Lu04)

1.By unbanning me, I will prove I'm not always rude and I'm kind and truthworthy

2.I will re-read rules and keep not to break them


Your other appeals have been denied. Your last appeal was denied I'm pretty sure.


Ydna you have had too many warnings and have been banned multiple times on DMU and have been banned on the discord for being rude to other staff members. 


You clearly do not learn from punishments and you have not supplied staff with any reason to unban you.


Also since you asked, spam is sending/repeating useless messages in chat."

I am pretty sure that mean your appeals have been denied. But I shall leave staff to decide. I highly doubt you will be unbanned.

Hi there,


We'll get back to you soon since we're debating whether we will let you back or not.



Hello there,

First of all apologies for the delay.

We debated and the majority agreed with the decision to let you remain banned.

Reading the rules a second time won't help, You (hopefully) read and accepted the rules with the command. If you didn't then that's your problem.
One of your problems is your rudeness, You really should learn how to control it.

It's not ok if players were anxious with the thought of you being pardonned. Hopefully you'll see what your behavier has done/ does. 

You can try to appeal in 6 months and not earlier. (Any appeal I see will be declined on sight and will reduce your chance to join back)


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