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Lazy's Return

Alright, I haven't been on DMU for a couple months. I will be returning though! I need to get up to date on what I missed. So, I request from all National Infinite Tactic members to give me the news on what's been going on in .N.I.T lately. One of my main concerns is, how is .N.I.Town doing? Any major changes? Did some nuke hit it and burn it to the ground? (Probably not the last one.) Sorry to be somewhat of an annoyance, I just need to get up to date.


Kind regards,

His Excellency the Monocracer of the National Infinite Tactic

Lazy Octopus

Just checked. Is it just me, or did .N.I.Town explode in population? There are skyscrapers everywhere! The Shack is still unfinished. But what happened to AmbientCity? And what's this memorial they speak of?

Long story, would prefer not to tell

 yep I prefer not to tell either

Nice to hear from you again Lazy!  I watched these videos of Ambient and others building the memorial building for Ambient city, maybe you will find them interesting.  There is now an Ambient city v3 with a warp.





Nothing has really happened at NITown except a few griefs I had to fix.  I did expand parking at NICoast recently.  As for the big skyscrapers and such, I'm not quite sure who built them.  Sorry about the Mystery Shack, I've been busy.  I'll try to work on it today, and I look forward to possibly seeing you again after a long while as well.


I hope this information has been helpful for you.



Official NITown/NICoast Builder


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