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[Discord Ban Appeal] CyanideDoesHybrid#9705 : Spoiling Doctor Who

  • Reason: I had come across a rumor (Regarding DW S11) from one of my friends and was discussing said rumor in the SWD Discord channel. This apparently broke a rule that states that spoilers for Doctor Who are not permitted on the server.
  • Duration: I was not informed about the ban, I was simply removed. When I asked an admin about why I could not join back into the server they said they had checked and someone had banned me without warning. Because of this I have no idea of the duration of the ban.
  • What was I doing before the ban: Discussing the rumor with the server.
  • Previous bans: I have never previously received a ban from the SWDTeam.
  • Why I should be pardoned:  The "Spoiler" was not (and is still not) confirmed. It was simply a discussion regarding the idea of the mentioned spoiler. Also I was not told I had been banned for almost 4 weeks and had to ask an admin why I could not access the server.

I hope this problem will be resolved and that I can rejoin the server again without issue.


- Cy

It's a bug in discord that players can't see their ban reason. 
If you could've read it, it would indeed say to just send a message like this on the forums and you'd be unbanned. You can rejoin the sever now.

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