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The .N.I.T Thread

Hello! This is the Monocracer of the .N.I.T Empire! Welcome to the .N.I.T Thread, where we post things happening in .N.I.T!

This thread is for discussing everything .N.I.T-related, and for being the official .N.I.T News Network.

Following the server reset, .N.I.Town has been destroyed. Luckily, .N.I.T has been restored, and we are starting .N.I.T-2! Those who help build this town may get promoted in .N.I.T!

Hello Lazy.  I hope I can still help support building .N.I.T-2. with you.  I did manage to remake some things from the original NITown (and my workshop from NICoast) in a creative world before the server reset.  Maybe I could rebuild them in the new .N.I.T-2?  I would be happy to help restore the former glory of the .N.I.T empire in the form of this new town. Do you have coordinates for the town? I'd like to start working on building things there.  Anyway, I look forward to seeing and working on the town soon.

Thanks, Fire

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