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Tardis Energy

Hello, DMU fellos.


Something we all can admit is how the Tardis is a bit overpowered and how many people can just live in it. Well I was inspired after seeing a previous forum about making a Tardis Repair System. Something the Tardis lacks in the Dalek Mod is the fact that it doesn't matter who, what, where, when, hec even why but no matter what you can just re-summon your Tardis anywhere and everywhere no matter what. So I think to make the mod better to play and i guess you could say more "realistic" they should add a timer on the Tardis, so that every time it travels depending on the distance you have to wait for "energy" to regen in the tardis. This option would allow you to take fewer Long travels and frequent short travels making the game more dramatic in situations of running from mobs on another planet. I figure if other Doctor Who Mods could do this, so could this one.

I think this is an amazing idea and would love to see it implemented into the game!

I bet everyone would get mad with this suggestions, We all love and live with the current system


It would be more realistic. But I think that being able to travel anywhere at any time is just what makes the mod a lot more fun.

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