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Small suggestions


  • Sonic glasses can break and when broken are replaced with "Broken sonic Glasses" that you cant wear but can "repair" by placing it in a crafting table along with an electronic component and 1 or 2 blocks of glass
  • You can punch off someones glasses if you hit them with an empty hand and when you do it does alot of damage to the glasses
  • if your regenerating and wearing armor the armor takes on damage
  •  if your wearing decorative clothes and you regenerate they are replaced with "ragged clothes" 
  • after regeneration for the next 5 minutes your player spontaneously "coughs" up whatever color particle your regen is set too
  • Crafting book that shows almost or all craftable recipes (this can be dropped as loot from timelords or found in dungens or crafted)

Got my support. Especially with the particle coughing. That'd look really cool.

You Got My Support Too.. I Really Like The Broken Sonic Glasses One.. Seems Like It Would Make It A little Cooler For RP... Or something..

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