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Life cycle(aka Ageing)

There are two life cycles: Human and Timelord. The default lifespan is human till a player drinks from the exlir of life then their life cycle is switched and starts the timelord cycle


  • Human lifecycle starts when a player first spawns or dies and respawns
  • Player starts with 10 normal hearts but after every 20 minutes half a heart is added till the total is 15
  • when the total number of hearts is 12 or more a small strength boost is added along with a small speed boost
  • when the total 15 and the next 20 minutes roll around instead of gaining half a heart the player will lose a whole heart till the total reaches 10
  • when the total reaches 10 you lose Half a heart instead of a whole heart.
  • When the total number of hearts equals to 5 or less a a small weakness effect is added along with a slowness
  • This continues till there is only half a heart left and the player is given an option to die or continue to live with half a heart
  • The cycle repeats every time a player dies in total a normal human life span will last around 8.3 hours or 500 minutes

A timelord lifespan is a bit longer and plays by the same rules basiclly

  • starts of with 10 hearts every 20 minutes half a heart is added 
  • same buffs  for when a players hearts # reaches 12
  • instead of 15 hearts limit its 30
  • once 30 hearts is reached after 20 minutes it loses half a heart every 20 minutes
  • once a timelord reaches 9 hearts they are given a weakness affect and slowness affect
  • when a timelord reaches 2 hearts  it is given the option to regenerate or not if it chooses not to regenerate the hearts will continue to go down till it equals zero and it is forced to regenerate
  • Keep in mind the timelord cycle is reset after they regenerate at anytime from random stuff
  • timelord life span with forced regeneration:33.3 hours or 2000 minutes
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